The customised, eco-friendly fold flat bag we stock is both long-lasting and cost-effective.

How customisable are these fold flat bags?

You can choose to have a design printed on one or both sides in up to two colours, ensuring the bags match your branding and serve as a permanent reminder to customers of your company name. Many of our clients choose to use them as membership promotion, however the customised bags can also be sold. These bags are very convenient, compact and light-weight, with each bag folding flat enough to easily fit into a pocket or handbag. This means they are not bulky and their durability guarantee they will outlast any other fold flat bag on the market.

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Why is this fold flat bag so eco-friendly?

Our fold flat bag is eco-friendly not only because it is reusable, but also because of the materials used in its construction. Recycled plastic bottles are used to make rPET, a polyester yarn that is derived from recycled PET products. Instead of sending them to landfill, plastic bottles can be transformed into a wide variety of useful and/or wearable products, with each bag containing roughly the same amount of rPET generated by the recycling of two plastic drinks bottles. We are SEDEX registered and the recycled PET used to make each fold flat bag is from a certified source. We believe in offering sustainable solutions to clients wherever possible to reduce the amount of plastic that is wasted and these shopping bags are just one of our eco-friendly options. Here on our site you will also find customisable, eco-friendly wet kit bags which are 100% recyclable, reusable and degradable.

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