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Practical Paper Bags

Kingswood provides businesses nationwide with practical paper bags and there are many customisation options available to ensure your order meets your specific requirements.

Choose from the following practical paper bag types:

Flat & Die-Cut Handle:

These have many uses in retail and can be used for dry foodstuffs. The print type, print colour, paper type and handle style are just some of the customisable aspects of this product. This means you can configure everything to create a paper bag that meets your exact requirements.

Paper Carrier Bags:

You can also make many adjustments to this type of bag, more commonly used by gift shops and fast-food takeaways, to get a final product you are 100{fe3ffeab7589117216ba4bb72e9e9619d5460226ad51749d0f347b5c73dd9908} satisfied with. For example, you can choose smooth of ribbed Kraft paper in white or brown with a matt of gloss varnish.

SOS Bags:

An SOS bag is designed with the medical and pharmaceutical industry in mind, making it ideal for chemists who need to pack a lot of small items into a bag that will keep itself open whilst being filled.

We offer a practical paper bag supply service that is both time and cost efficient

Our practical paper bag selection suits a wide range of companies across all kinds of industries, so whether you are looking for die-cut handle carriers, tape handle carriers, SOS bags, reusable bags or plastic carrier bags we are sure to have what you need. Shipping is fast and secure to guarantee a safe delivery that gets to you on time. Established in 1984, Kingswood has gained a positive reputation for the level of service we provide, something that can be lacking with many other online companies. We pride ourselves on providing top quality products and if you ever need to speak to us about your order, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Call 01702 669 581 or contact us online for more information about our practical paper bags