Gym & Hygiene Equipment

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Gym & Hygiene Equipment

Kingswood Leisure Direct have over 30 years experience providing gym hygiene products & other sports equipment across the UK. You can be confident that all of our products are high quality!

We currently offer gym wipes and dispensers, these cover a lot of gym hygiene uses.

The ergonomically designed dispensers make usage easy for anyone who needs the wipes! Displayed below is our list of gym hygiene products!

Providing For Schools, Colleges & Universities Across The UK

Kingswood Leisure provide wholesale gym and hygiene equipment for a range of schools, colleges and Universities across the UK. We are a high quality and affordable supplier for all your gym & hygiene needs.

If you have any other questions about our equipment then please feel free to contact an expert today on: 01702 668735.

  • Chrome Lockable Soap Dispenser (350ml)

    £32.95 Ex. VAT