Skull & Crossbones Racket Stencil

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Our range of fun stencils make a change from the usual brand logos and allow kids to express themselves.


Skull and Crossbones – Racket Strings Stencil

Kids are tired of boring racket company logos on their strings. Offer them stylish, fun stencils so they can express themselves. When you string their racket, show them a range of fun stencils.


  • Place newspaper on flat surface and place the racket on top
  • Position stencil on the string using “V” cuts in stencil as guides
  • Follow directions on stencil ink container
  • Dab ink into open slots on the stencil covering exposed strings
  • Next, lift the stencil with inked side against the strings
  • Dab on ink on the other side until all exposed strings are covered
  • Let racket dry overnight