Kingswood has been providing the sports, health and leisure industry with a range of high-quality products since 1984. We are committed to offering equipment and accessories that are eco-friendly and these rPET bags are a great eco-friendly, reusable bag option for health clubs, hotels, leisure centres, schools and many other businesses. They have countless uses and since they are so light and compact, our rPET bags can be kept just about anywhere. Fold flat bags need to be durable and you can trust our bags to last a lot longer than any other.

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What makes an rPET bag so eco-friendly?

Each rPET bag is made from a type of yarn that is derived from recycled PET products. This kind of polyester yarn can be used to create various products including clothing, backpacks and shopping bags. Rather than filling landfill sites with plastic, recycling plastic bottles gives them a new life and they can be turned into useful products. The world needs more sustainable solutions and there is real value in recycled goods. Each bag contains roughly the same amount of rPET generated by the recycling of two plastic drinks bottles and the recycled PET used is from a certified source.

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Your customers can slip their new bag into their pocket or handbag and since each can be customised with your branding, they will be carrying around a permanent reminder of the positive experience your company provided. Ordering a set of rPET bags is cost effective and you can always sell them on, plus the minimum order value is low. Use them as part of a membership promotion and make sure your name sticks in people’s minds.