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StepNpull Foot Handle

Kingswood Leisure Direct is proud to offer a fantastic new product and we are sure that the StepNpull foot handle will be an essential part of your organisation’s health and safety system. With this product, opening doors with your feet becomes easy and as a result your hands will be kept hygienically clean.

They are perfect for the leisure and tourism industries and there are so many places that the StepNpull foot handle can be used, including hospitals and healthcare, food preparation, cruise ships, hotels and schools, stadiums, restaurants, shops and government buildings.

Order your silver or black StepNpull foot handles online!

StepNpull offers a simple way to keep your clean hands clean

Each of these has to be kept as clean and germ free as possible to keep staff, customers and the general public safe. Kingswood are aware that the most important measure for preventing the spread of infection is hand hygiene, which is why we provide our customers with a selection of foot handles, in black and silver, to stop you having to use a conventional handle that has been touched by other hands that might carry viruses or germs.

How can StepNpull foot handles from Kingswood benefit your company?

StepNpull can help in the fight against bacteria which is a real advantage to your organisation when you consider the following. The flu virus can last on a hard surface for up to 24 hours, the cold virus has been shown to survive on indoor surfaces for more than 7 days and a stomach bug such as Salmonella lasts for 1 to 4 hours. Worse still, Norovirus and MRSA can hang around for days or even weeks outside of the human body. Visit the NHS website to learn more.

Buy silver or black StepNpull foot handles online from Kingswood!

Why is it better to use a StepNpull foot handle to open doors?

Up to 95{fe3ffeab7589117216ba4bb72e9e9619d5460226ad51749d0f347b5c73dd9908} of people do not wash their hands correctly, with 10{fe3ffeab7589117216ba4bb72e9e9619d5460226ad51749d0f347b5c73dd9908} not even washing their hands after a visit to the bathroom. This leads to a big build up of germs on door handles as dirty hands are continually touching them throughout the day and passing on viruses that are still present on the surface. By opening doors with your foot, this risk is prevented and keeps employees healthy which saves you time and money.

StepNpull is quick and easy to install with no maintenance required so order your StepNpull foot handles for your business today!

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