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Reusable Bags

Our reusable bags are stylish, durable and available in a range of materials including cotton, canvas, jute, JUCO, nylon and polyester.

Below is a list of reusable bags we have available:

Flexi-Loop Carriers:

A popular ‘bag for life’ choice across the UK’s supermarkets, these are comfortable to carry and each spacious bag is easy to fill.

Natural Fibre Bags:

These reliable bags come in many sizes and styles, with your choice of handle eg. rope, flat ribbon or padded.

Non Woven PP Bags:

Simple designs can be added to this polypropylene product and you choose to have matching or contrasting handles attached to each bag.

The Flat Pocket Bag:

Small enough to slip in a pocket or handbag, fold flat rPET bags are made of polyester yarn derived from recycled PET products.

Vest Carrier Bag for Life:

More efficient and cheaper than a traditional flexi-loop handle design bag, this option can also hold twice as much shopping as a regular supermarket carrier.

Woven PP Bags:

Polypropylene fabric is woven together to form a strong, reusable bag of varying sizes that is perfect for sports equipment retailers.

Reusable and customisable bag options to suit all requirements

Kingswood has been in business since 1984 and we have grown to become one of the leading suppliers in the industry. Our clients include health clubs, hotels, schools, pools as we provide a wide range of high-quality sports-related equipment and accessories. We supply many different types of bags, along with the reusable bags mentioned above, such as customisable wet kit bags, plastic carrier bags, paper bags, easibags, waste sacks and liners.

Get in touch with our team of reusable bag experts today!

To find out more about the range or products we have on offer, please call us on 01702 718944 or contact us online and we will be happy to help.